Abortion FAQ’s

Should I be concerned about having an abortion?

• Having an abortion affects more than just your body. There are risks and side effects, both physical and psychological, associated with abortion. As with any other major medical procedure, knowing the facts before you decide is highly recommended.
Abortion Side Effects


I’ve already had an abortion and it went fine. Why should I be concerned about another one?

• Women who undergo one or more induced abortions carry a significantly increased risk of complications with future pregnancies, including premature delivery, placental anomalies, and infertility. Each successive abortion increases these risks.
Types of Abortion

Study showing that with each subsequent abortion, the risks increase with future pregnancies.


How can I tell my family that I’m pregnant?

• Take your time. This will be an important moment for you, and the more you can prepare for it, the better it will go. We can help you articulate your feelings, gather information to present to your family and loved ones, and discuss strategies for talking to them. We are also happy to talk to your family with you and mediate a discussion, so you don’t have to face this alone.
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What can I do about people pressuring me?

• Remember, no one can force you to have an abortion against your will, even as a minor. You have the ultimate choice about your pregnancy. If you are being told that you have to abort, call our 24-hour hotline and let us help.
• (714) 633-HOPE
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What if I don’t have medical insurance?

• The State of California provides free medical insurance for mothers and babies through a program called Medi-Cal. In order to sign up for Medi-Cal, you will need a signed paper confirming your pregnancy, which we can provide at LivingWell. Make an appointment to get started.
Medi-Cal Verification


Can I have a baby and still live my life?

• Whatever you choose, whether abortion, adoption, or parenting, your life will never be the same again. Having a baby always means big changes, but you can still reach for your dreams and achieve your goals with help along the way. We will work with you to make a plan for your future, and put you in touch with resources in your community to help you achieve your goals.
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How will I support myself and my child?

• There are an amazing number of public and private resources aimed at helping mothers and children. After discussing your unique situation, we will help you decide what specific help you need and find referrals for everything from food and housing to medical insurance.


How can I know what is the best decision for me?

• No one but you can make this choice, but it is easier to decide when you know all the facts and have the ability to talk them over with someone else. Some of our counselors are volunteers, which enables us to operate as a free clinic to the community. Because LivingWell does not charge for our services, we have no financial incentive to encourage you to make one decision versus another. We help you understand all of your options, even the ones you didn’t know you had, in order to make a truly informed choice.
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