How We Can Help

Schedule a meeting with our trained counselors. We know you have a lot of questions right now, and so does your daughter or son. One of the most important of those questions is also the most confusing: what happens now?


You are a parent yourself, and you know the challenges before your daughter or son, but that doesn’t mean you know all the answers. You need more than just a safe place to express and work through your feelings; you need to be able to ask questions and get concrete answers.


During your appointment at LivingWell, we are happy to talk to you separately as parents, or together with your child, to address your fears and help you process all the information that you have to consider. We also have materials available to help guide you and your family towards a loving solution that will help you grow stronger, not break you apart.


There are many questions you may be considering right now. We’ll help you discuss the practicalities of an unplanned teen pregnancy:

  • Does your daughter have access to medical insurance? If not, how do you begin the process?
  • How will her changing physical and emotional needs be met during her pregnancy?
  • Who will raise the baby?
  • Setting boundaries within the family
  • Discussing responsibilities for your daughter as she grows into her new role
  • Determining the best course for the relationship your daughter or son is in
  • How to help your daughter or son become a parent to the baby


Your daughter or son is not alone – she or he has you! But parents need help, too. We can walk with you on this journey as you give your child much needed love and support.