My Teen Is Pregnant

Many people offer advice, but it’s important to seek wisdom and counsel from those who understand the unique dynamics of an unplanned pregnancy. As a parent, what you are going through is not easy. What your teen is experiencing is overwhelming. There are no simple answers. Face this situation together.


Talk with your teen openly and honestly, but also respect each others need for time and space. A family crisis has the ability to drive family members apart or draw them together. It’s not easy – but it’s possible, and your family is worth the struggle. Where you go from here matters.


Parents Make a Difference

We have repeatedly seen the difference it makes to women with unplanned pregnancies when their parents offer love and forgiveness and make the decision to come alongside them in their struggle. Many young women only seek abortions because they are too scared to tell their parents about the pregnancy. Surprised by the love and support offered from parents, most women become emotionally stronger, personally empowered and ready to face the future with hope.


Contact us for confidential and compassionate care. Counselors are equipped to talk to parents and teens, both separately and together, to discuss the many options you have for the future. We can help!