Talking to Your Teen

If your daughter(or son) breaks the news that she is pregnant, try not to overreact. Your initial response will have a significant impact on your future relationship. Even if you have already blown it, it is not too late to show that you care.



Yes, it is normal to feel shocked and disappointed. But remember that she, too, is facing a difficult and overwhelming situation. Put yourself in her shoes and try to understand her fears. More than likely your family is facing a future none of you had planned. However, that does not mean that your world is coming to an end. Though it’s hard to imagine right this minute, good can come from this situation.


Speak Your Heart

She can’t read your mind. Your daughter/son needs to hear you say: “I will always love you. No matter what.” “We’re here for you and will help you in whatever way we can.” “We will get through this together.” Sharing wisdom gained through your life’s experiences can be a valuable component in your daughter’s decision-making process. She needs you now more than ever. Reassure her of your unconditional love and concern. Affirm your confidence in her. Avoid blaming or having a condemning attitude.


Be Your Child’s Advocate

You can be her advocate. Create a non-threatening atmosphere. Listen as she talks about her feelings and her plans. Respect her feelings about the baby’s father. Understand her need for time and privacy. Pray for her and pray with her. Although this news may come as a surprise, be encouraged—many families have successfully navigated these turbulent waters and come out stronger on the other side.