Well Woman Exam/Pap Smear

Staying healthy is key to bringing success to every area of your life. However, you may not always be aware of your body’s subtle signs and symptoms, alerting you when your health has changed. Schedule an appointment today to know what is going on with your body when you have doubts or just want to make sure you are on track.


A Well Woman Exam is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for all women over the age of 21 without a history of abnormal Pap smears, about every 3 years to screen for cervical cancer.


Our Well Woman Exam includes the following:
      • Blood work
      • Breast exam
      • Pelvic exam
      • Pap smear

Blood work tests cholesterol levels, thyroid functioning, anemia, and glucose levels to check for diabetes. We offer these services at a very reduced cost, to assist our clients that don’t have insurance. Our rates are significantly less than a typical doctor’s office visit.


Please call or make an appointment online. We will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and the cost of the exam.

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