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Application and Orientation

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please print out a copy of our volunteer application. Once you have filled it out completely, please turn it in (in-person) at your volunteer orientation. 

To schedule an orientation please call us at 714-637-9664, or email us at We look forward to seeing how God can use your gifts here at LivingWell!

Click on the link below to download and print your volunteer application. 

Submit the Application (Click on the "Application" link and print) 

Qualities of a LivingWell Volunteer

LivingWell Pregnancy Centers strives to provide an excellent experience for each of our clients. Whether it be a phone call, pregnancy test appointment, boutique visit, or mailing, we want each person that encounters LivingWell to have a pleasant and beneficial experience. As a volunteer of LivingWell, you will be representing our ministry and its values wherever you go!

Qualities We Desire to See in Our Volunteers:

- Hard-working, diligent.

- Compassionate and caring.

- Teachable.

- A heart to unconditionally serve women and their families.