An Adoption Story

In 1998, we received this letter from the mother of one of our patients. It was filed away, and rediscovered in 2013 by a member of the staff.


October, 1998
Dear LivingWell,


I have wanted to thank you for so very long for the help you gave my daughter and I some six years ago.


When we came to you in 1992, my daughter, Megan, was 19 years old, pregnant, and no longer with the fellow that fathered the child. I had called so many places for counseling and information for her on her alternatives, and each, no matter what they were named, seemed to recommend only one option, abortion. When we came to you, you offered all options, and after talking to her, showed us a film on adoption. You found her a doctor and started her on prenatal vitamins. We found an attorney in Fullerton, and her daughter was adopted by a wonderful family in the San Diego area and given the name Brittany.


When we first met the family that adopted the baby, we felt a wonderful connection. We only hoped for an occasional picture, but this family, wiser by far than we were, wanted to keep the connection. We periodically stayed in touch by telephone or letter. Then shortly before Brittany’s third birthday, they invited us to meet for her birthday celebration. It took some convincing to get Megan to agree it was for the best. We took tons of pictures and videoed the event, thinking this would be the only time we would see her. But instead, we have become extended family. We get together about four times a year, and I am blessed with not only having Brittany as a granddaughter, but also her older sister, Lisa.
















Megan at Brittany’s 3rd Birthday Party

















Brittany (right) with her older sister Lisa (left)




Last month, Megan was married, and Brittany and her whole family attended. They were able to meet all sorts of family and friends that had only heard of them.



















Brittany with Megan at her wedding




Megan now also has a step-daughter, and hopefully, sometime, when the time is right, a child of her own to raise. Brittany is such a loving child, with such wonderful parents and sister. Megan now feels it was God’s plan for her to carry this beautiful child for them. All of these blessings started with your organization, and we can’t begin to thank you enough. Keep up the good work!

Patti F. (Megan’s mother)



When we discovered the letter, we wrote to Patti and Megan to find out how they were doing, 15 years later. Here is Patti’s reply…


April 16, 2013

Dear LivingWell,
What a heart-warming surprise to hear from you. It is hard to believe it has been twenty years. Brittany has grown into a beautiful young woman. She has been raised in a wonderful home with loving parents, and a sister five years older who was also adopted.


















Brittany, Senior Class Picture




Megan is doing well, and has never had any regrets about her decision. Both she and Brittany believe God picked Megan to carry Brittany for her mother, who was unable to carry a baby. Brittany has always referred to Megan as her birth mother, or as so adorably put by a child, “my birth mom.” We have been blessed to have a relationship with her family since Brittany was three years old.


In 2011, Brittany met her birth father, and continued a relationship with him and his family.


Patti F.