Lending a Helping Hand

"My boyfriend will leave me if I don't have an abortion."

"My parents will be furious if they find out"


"I am too young to have a baby"

"I need to focus on finishing college and starting my career."

"I can't afford to raise this child."

"I could lose my job if I keep this baby."

"This was never supposed to happen."

With any unexpected pregnancy, fears and anxieties can easily creep in. At LivingWell, we offer free, 100% confidential counseling to women faced with unplanned pregnancies. Whether you are in need of referrals, material items, or just someone to talk to, our team of trained counselors will be there for you every step of the way. 

LivingWell Counselors

Meet our Living Well Counselors


Angie Cunningham


Katherine Dieters 

More counselor profiles coming soon!