Woman receiving an ultrasound


LivingWell Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy services to the community, as well as low cost STI testing and well woman exams.

Pregnancy Testing

We provide a free urine pregnancy test based upon the detection of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Our tests are highly accurate and are provided by a local medical supplies company.



An ultrasound provides very useful information during pregnancy. The practitioner will confirm that the placenta is healthy and that the fetus is growing properly in the uterus. A fetus growing outside of the uterus can be a life threatening condition. Our licensed ultrasound technician will also determine the gestational age and due date. We use the ultrasound to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, a special experience for all. We request that a $40 cash deposit to hold appointment. Your deposit will be fully refunded to you on the day of your ultrasound appointment.  


Options Counseling

For an unexpected pregnancy, there are many options that women need to know about before they make decisions. We discuss parenting, adoption, and abortion, and we put them in touch with resources that will support them in their unique challenges. We equip each woman with information and resources so she can make rational decisions, rather than those based in fear or confusion.


Abortion Education

Many women are not actually aware of how each specific abortion procedure is performed. Some may be unaware of the type of abortion they want; for others there is a lack of information regarding risks and rights. Our goal is to educate and help each woman make an informed decision. We are committed to supporting her, no matter what choices she makes for herself and her baby.

Abortion Recovery Class

Women often grieve in silence after an abortion, and some live for decades under the heavy weight of regret, shame and guilt. To heal this private wound, we offer a safe, nonjudgmental Abortion Recovery Class. Our trained counselors lead women through a process of healing that enables them to thrive in the freedom of forgiveness.


Educational Classes and Events

Throughout the year, we offer classes on topics such as infant care, parenting, financial planning, CPR and more! These are free to the community and taught by a variety of professionals.


Material Items

We receive donations of diapers, maternity and baby clothing, books, and other basics. Our patients have the opportunity to receive material assistance, and shop at the Baby Boutique in our clinic. We offer items to help relieve some of the financial burden of baby care. This also helps us stay in touch with our patients after their babies arrive.



We provide referrals to both local and governmental agencies that provide resources needed for an unplanned pregnancy. We also provide referrals for services such as prenatal care, adoption agencies, parenting resources, WIC, and more. There are many resources available to help women navigate their personal challenges, and we strive to connect them for their greatest benefit..