Understanding Adoption

Adoption is an alternative way to provide a child the security and resources to develop into a happy and successful person. For many, this is accomplished by legally transferring parenting responsibilities from birth parents to adoptive parents.


Adoption can be a very beneficial option for you if you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. In fact, adoption can help you to fulfill your life dreams, pursue your education, begin a career, travel, deepen your relationships and enjoy life as a mature adult woman. It is a very kind and generous act which also allows a child to be placed in a family that is prepared and eager to share their hearts and home forever.


Like other options, adoption is a complex decision. To learn more about if adoption is right for you, please schedule a confidential and no-obligation consultation. This is a no pressure and no judgment meeting. It is strictly a time when we provide all the information you need to understand adoption. Afterwards, if you’d like, we can also provide adoption agency referrals.


Benefits for the Birth Mother – Adoption offers you:
    • The chance to move forward and fulfill your lifelong dreams.

    • The opportunity to provide a secure and loving family for your baby.

    • Financial assistance during the pregnancy as needed.

    • Housing assistance, as needed.

    • Counseling and support network.

    • The option to select a family for your child.

    • Peace of mind that your baby will be with a loving family that will provide numerous opportunities for his or her life.

    • If desired, the freedom to meet the adoptive family. This is called an Open Adoption.

    • Provision of all legal expenses and attorney fees.

    • The possibility to bring many people happiness.


Benefits to the Child – Adoption provides him/her:
  • An adoptive family that is financially and emotionally prepared to parent.

  • Adoptive parents, who typically devote more time and resources to children and are typically very involved in school and cultural activities.

  • A loving two-parent home that may also include brothers and sisters.

  • The greater probability of a good education and career advancement.

  • The chance to have parents who are prepared to invest themselves in the challenges of child rearing.

  • The prospect of good healthcare and supportive network.

  • The opportunity to travel and experience different people and places.

  • The foundation for a meaningful life.

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