Ways to Fundraise

Our ability to offer free pregnancy services to the community is because of the dedicated team of financial supporters that sacrificially give through-out the year.  If you would like to be a part of this effort, we have lots of ideas to get you started.



Set a goal…do you want to raise $500, $1500, $5000? Don’t limit yourself…stretch beyond what you think can happen and then anticipate great things!





Pick an idea from the list below or use your own creative ideas. If you have any questions or want some input from us, we are always available to help.





Recruit a few friends to help you get the word out about your event. When you ask others to help, you are offering them an opportunity to serve and creating excitement about LivingWell too! Don’t forget to involve your children, as well as others. The enthusiasm of children is contagious, and it’s a great time to teach them about giving.




Fundraising Ideas


Host a Life Party

Invite neighbors, friends, family and others to your house for dessert. We’ll provide printed materials and a video so you can introduce them to the life transforming work of LivingWell. Let them know your fundraising goal and offer an opportunity to become financial partners. For groups of 10 or more, we can even provide a live representative to share with your group.


Organize a Baby Savings Drive

We’ll provide you with baby bottle banks to give out to your church or small group. People place coins, cash or checks in the bottles and then return them to you after a month. You then bring the filled bottles back to LivingWell…it’s that easy and fun! It’s a great way to involve your kids and teach them the importance of “baby savings”.


Coach a Team

Every year, we host a walk-a-thon in the city of Orange. Walk for Life is a great way to raise money for LivingWell and let the community know you value life at any stage. Recruit a team of 5-10 people and set a fundraising goal of at least $2000. Each of your team members asks friends, neighbors and family to sponsor them. The walk is short (just about 2 miles) so almost anyone can join in the fun. Great for the whole family to attend…even your furry members.


Gift Exchange

In exchange for a birthday party, baby shower or Christmas presents, ask those in your life to give the gift of life by donating to LivingWell.  “Donating” your special day can literally save a life.


Golfers – This is for You!

Attend our annual Golf Tournament with 3 of your golfing buddies. Beyond attending, you can help us raise funds by soliciting corporations, small businesses or even private individuals to be a sponsor for the event. There are many options for sponsorship. Contact us for all the information.


Create a Neighborhood Event

How about a car wash, garage sale or lemonade stand? These events are great for kids to become contributors to a very worthy and crucial cause.  They will learn the value of working hard to help others. You’ll also get better acquainted with neighbors and be able to tell them all about LivingWell.


Matching Gift

Does your employer offer a matching gift program for donations you make to charity? If so, submit the appropriate documentation to your employer to have a matching gift sent to LivingWell. If you need our help, contact us anytime.


Planned Giving

There are many financially creative ways that you can support LivingWell. Through tax planning, stocks, wills, trusts and other financial vehicles you can leave a lasting legacy. Talk with your estate planner for possible options.



Pick a “Recycling Day” and ask all your neighbors to save up their recycling for a week. Collect bottles, cans and papers and take them to a local recycling center. Do this one time or make it a monthly event.


It’s Tea Time

Every year, LivingWell hosts a tea party fundraiser. Be a table host by decorating your own table and inviting sisters, mothers, aunts and girlfriends to join you for a delightful time of tea, goodies and fellowship.


Table Sponsor

Our annual banquet is the largest fundraiser of the year. To help make it a success, be a table sponsor by paying for a table and inviting your friends to join in this evening of fine dining. This is an ideal time to introduce LivingWell to those in your life that are not yet familiar with the free services we provide to the community.


In Memory/Honor Of

Honor or memorialize a special person in your life by encouraging others to give on their behalf. By paying tribute through LivingWell, you are letting others know that Life is important to you and your loved one.