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An unexpected pregnancy can be a frightening time that makes you overwhelmed and confused about your next steps. At LivingWell, you'll find practical solutions and compassionate support to sort through each of your challenges. You are not alone.

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It's so HOT!

There are two reasons why you do need to pay attention to the heat when you’re pregnant. Pregnant women naturally have a higher body temperature already, so it’s easier to overheat when the thermostat soars. Also, pregnant women need more water than usual to combat water loss through sweating.

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  • Struggling with your abortion?

    Having an abortion is a difficult decision. Listen as Clayre shares her personal story. We are here to help.

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  • Symptoms of Miscarriage

    Are you having a miscarriage? Do you know how to identify one if it happens? Jennifer Stewart, a licensed midwife at LivingWell, walks you through the signs and symptoms of a miscarriage and lets you know what the next step is.

    Symptoms of Miscarriage
  • See an Ultrasound

    Learn 3 main reasons why an ultrasound is a useful and necessary tool in determining pregnancy.

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