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Volunteer Counselor Training Class

Want to become a volunteer with LivingWell or Care Ministries? Make sure to sign up for our next Counselor Training Class.

Ambassador Program

Opportunities to Serve

Lay Counseling – Listen to and support clients facing possible pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We provide the necessary 6-week training. Counselors must donate at least three consecutive hours a week.

Care MinistriesListen to and support clients struggling post-abortion, miscarriage, and grieving caretakers. To learn more about Care Ministries with LivingWell Pregnancy Centers, visit our website. We provide the necessary 6-week training.


Ambassador Program – Be the bridge between your church or organization and our ministry! At each of our quarterly meetings, you will be trained and equipped to represent LivingWell at your home church, as well as have the opportunity to expand our reach in the community. As an ambassador, you will receive discounts at select events, free training, access to our online ambassador group, and more! Sign up to learn more.

Professionals – Doctors, nurses, PA’s, NP’s, midwives, ultrasound technicians, and attorneys are of great value to our services. If you are a professional, please call 714-637-9664 to see how you can get involved!


Bilingual/Translators – Do you fluently speak a second (or more) languages? We could use your help! We are in need of bilingual (primarily Spanish-speaking) volunteers to help translate written materials, phone calls, and more!

Baby Boutique – Sort donated baby items such as clothes, diapers, toys etc. that we can offer in our baby boutique. Come in weekly to run the boutique for our patients.

Bulk Mailings – Stuff, stamp, and sort mailings four to five times a year. This is a great opportunity for high school students or other groups to begin volunteering.


Cleaning – If you have elbow grease to share we can use it two-three hours a week. You can also donate time from your own cleaning company or hire cleaners to help us regularly.


Clerical and Administrative Work – Organizers of the world, here is your opportunity! Answer phones, file charts, and assist the marketing and public relations managers with various tasks. Strong computer skills needed. Volunteer administrators must donate at least three consecutive hours a week.

Community members joining hands to volunteer

We are able to offer free services to the community because of the dedication of our hardworking volunteers. There are many ways to bring your special skills and interests to the LivingWell team.


Check out the volunteer opportunities below and apply today!

Donations & Recruiting Donations – LivingWell always needs such items as diapers, baby clothes & blankets, office supplies and items for our fundraising events (centerpieces, food, water). Consider donating these items or organizing a group to donate these items.


Fundraising Events – If you enjoy any of the aspects of event planning (decorating, soliciting donated goods, recruiting attendees or working at the event) this is a great way to serve throughout the year. Check out our Upcoming Events today!


Graphic Art, Videography and Photography – Use your creative arts skills to promote LivingWell’s services and events: help work on our website, take pictures or video at our events, film client testimonies, or design much needed brochures. 

Maintenance – From time to time, we have maintenance needs: broken furniture, burned out florescent bulbs, painting. If you have a knack for repairs, we can use your help periodically throughout the year.


Prayer Team – Every day from 9:30am to 10:30am we have a prayer hour to pray for the women we serve, our ministry partners, each other, and the community.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click the button below to fill out your application. Please submit this in person or email it to

Group of women praying together
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