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Churches Getting Involved! - Baby Shower

Churches play a crucial role in the pro-life movement. Unplanned pregnancies happen in and outside of the Church, and both are in need of the love and support only a Church can provide! A great way for your Church to support your local pregnancy center is by getting your congregation involved, and St. Matthews Church in Newport Beach did just that!

St. Matthews is an Anglican church with a heart to support women with unplanned pregnancies. In order to educate their congregation on the ministry of LivingWell, they threw a baby shower called 'Little Ones to Him Belong'. Our Founder and President, Geeta Swamidass, was invited to share a special message, while participants brought donations for our mother and baby boutique. In order to get a first-hand account of this special event, we interviewed Caroline, one of our volunteers who was in attendance.

It was fabulous! We walked in and everything was beautiful. The decorations were all white, sprinkled with simple baby's breath flowers. It was hosted in a covered outdoor area but felt open and beautiful to be surrounded by God's creation. Physically, it was beautiful. You could see that a lot of care had gone into planning it. Rebecca, Ruth, and Elizabeth were among some of the amazing women who helped set up the event and prepare the LivingWell tables and materials.

Rebecca, the head of their women's ministry, spoke about LivingWell and how their church is proud to support our ministry. It wasn't just women, they wanted men to come as well. On my right, sat three generations of a family. Grandparents, parents, and their children all attended the event together, which was encouraging to witness. There were men and women. Everyone was kind and welcoming. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was in and working through those in their congregation.

Before Geeta's message, the Bishop got up to speak. In his hands, he held six pages of notes, about why we as believers need to honor life at all stages. Upon hearing his powerful message, I went up

to thank him. He saw my appreciation for his notes and gave them to me! He gave such a rational explanation. God created man in His image, we are commanded to have dominion over the earth, and life is precious, so we have to honor life, especially for the vulnerable and the helpless. After hearing Geeta's powerful message, I was both shocked and encouraged. Her experience with abortion as a young doctor clearly displayed the sanctity of life in the womb, as well as the damage abortion can cause.

Afterward, we shared a meal and cake. I just loved every minute of it. It was beautiful, but the real beauty was the spirits of the people who attended.

If your Church or organization would like to host an event for LivingWell, please contact us! We would love to work with you to help educate your church on our ministry and those we serve.

Phone: 714-637-9664


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