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Airley's Story

Airley was referred to LivingWell by a sidewalk counselor from Love Life, who happened to be praying outside of Planned Parenthood where Airley had an appointment.

Although her teenage children were excited about the pregnancy, her boyfriend, the father of the baby, was not supportive. She was tearful when speaking about her partner, as he was not able to support her emotionally during this time of uncertainty.

When she returned to LivingWell for her ultrasound, she heard the Gospel message from her counselor and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Later on in her pregnancy, Airley was admitted to the hospital for health complications, which made her nervous about her pregnancy. Thankfully, she was able to return home safely and begin preparing for her new baby.

During a follow-up call with her LivingWell counselor, she was offered a hospital-ready bag (from Eastside Irvine) and was excited to come pick it up!

Airley is thankful for all LivingWell has done to support her throughout her pregnancy, as well as the materials in the hospital bag that will prepare her for delivery, and looks forward to welcoming her baby into the world! 

Since 1985, LivingWell Pregnancy Centers has been devoted to providing free women's health services and the hope of the Gospel message to women facing unplanned pregnancies across Southern California.

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