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Sanctity of Life Month - Part 4

Celebrating Sanctity of Human Life Month

Part 4: Why Sanctity of Life Month Is Important

To help you explore your thoughts and convictions in the abortion conversation, we’ve prepared a month-long blog series about Sanctity of Human Life Month—what it is, how it began, why it’s important, and how you can support it.

January 2023 commemorates the 39th year our nation has observed the sanctity of human life, and this year, we are celebrating the overturning of Roe v. Wade. However, the need to pray for a culture of life in our community and our nation is still vitally important.

Here are three reasons why Sanctity of Life Day and Month is meaningful:

1. Every life matters. The phrase “sanctity of life” reflects the belief that, because people are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27), human life has an inherently sacred attribute that should be protected and respected at all times.

2. It creates awareness. Within the context of the abortion conversation, the concept of the sanctity of life can challenge us all to pray, support like-minded organizations, and get involved in making a difference in the lives of women facing unplanned pregnancies.

3. We can focus on common ground. Very often there are pro-abortion movements and anti-abortion movements. Each side has presented its challenges and reasoning, but it’s rare to find people and organizations that strive to achieve common ground—specifically focused on the health of a mother and the child. In many cases, the movement has become more political than personal. Observing Sanctity of Life Day and Month can bring together people from both perspectives to formulate legislation and find new ways to protect life and ensure its sanctity.

4. It promotes compassion. Sanctity of Life month can open people’s hearts with compassion for women facing such challenging moments. It can help us all consider ways our churches and our lives can best be supported, grace, and help in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why are you pro-life? Comment down below!


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