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New Mom Christmas Wishlist

Know a new mom, but are unsure of what to get her for Christmas? We have compiled a list of the most-wanted items by new moms!

We will include a link to each product, along with a description! If you have any products to recommend to new moms, leave a comment below!

#1 - Honest Beauty Bump Kit

Having a baby can be hard on a woman's body. It's important that every new mom gets the chance to heal and take care of her body postpartum. This beauty bump kit includes soaking salts, glow-inducing body oil, hydrating body lotion, and soothing nip balm. This gift set is usually priced at $62.80, but is 40% off for a limited time! You can also enter your email and get 20% off your first order!

#2 - Ember Mug

Having a newborn can definitely have an affect on your sleep. This Ember mug maintains your beverage at the temperature of your choice! This is great for new moms, who are low on sleep and don't have time to keep refreshing their drinks. Ember mugs come in two colors (black and white), as well as two sizes (10oz and 14oz). Although these mugs can be pricey, they offer free shipping and 15% off your entire purchase when you provide your email!

#3 - Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Alarm

Hatch Restore offers an amazing product, which doubles as a sound machine and alarm clock. For both mom and baby, It can be difficult to get restful sleep. This clock has many features including, soothing sleep sounds, a nighttime reading light, gentle sunrise alarm, sleeping routines, and mind/body exercises. In addition to these features, the first 30-days are free, with a 60-night money back guarantee and free shipping!

#4 - Nest Bedding Silk Luxury Sleep Masks

As a new mom, sleep is precious, day or night! These silk sleep masks are soft and comfortable, which allows for restful sleep. The silk is infused with Aloe Vera and Argan Oil. These masks come in two colors (pearl and stone) and are priced at $29 each with free shipping on orders over $75!

#5 - Bearaby Cotton Napper

This Bearaby cotton napper is made from organic cotton and made to enhance sleep quality and calm the body. This knitted weighted blanket comes in 5 colors and 4 different weights. This comfy and quality blanket makes the perfect gift for any new mom! If this product is not in your price range, don't worry! There are many other affordable weighted blanket options on Amazon and Target.

#6 - Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Having a newborn can limit your ability to complete day-to-day tasks. Freeing up a new mom's hands can be a great gift and time-saver! This ring sling is the perfect baby carrier for any new mom! It is made with quality materials and is easy to both wear and remove. These baby carriers are usually priced at $80, but are currently on sale for $64.90! In addition, you can receive 10% off your first order by entering your email! If this if not in your price range, there are plenty of more affordable options available online!

#7 - Diaper Belt Bag

Diaper bags are typically bulky and packed with a variety of baby products, which can make items hard to find and difficult to carry. These diaper belt bags by Kibou minimize the size and make it easier to leave the house! Although they are small, they can fit several essentials into their organizational pockets. The vegan leather packs come in 8 different colors and are being sold for $98.00 with free shipping on your first order! There are also many options online to fit all budgets!

#8 - Stanley Tumbler